Affordable Pricing For All Your Dental Needs

Treatment Fee Current Special Offers for this month
New Patient Examination Includes 2 X-Rays from ̶£̶9̶5̶ £70 Save £25. Was £95 Now £70
Routine Examination from £42 X-Rays are £5 each
Emergency Appointment from £55 Includes 1 X-Ray. We have same-day availability 6 days a week
Implant & Prosthodontic consultation £100
Initial Orthodontic Consultation £100
Hygiene Visit (per session) £85 15% Discount on Wednesdays - £72.50
Air Polish (per session) - The Best Tooth, Gum and Pocket cleaning option £130 20% Discount on Wednesdays - £104
Periodontal treatment (per session) £115 Treatment for Advanced Periodontal Pockets
Deep clean with anaesthetic (per session) £125 The gentlest clean for ultra-sensitive gums and teeth
Teeth Whitening from £300
White Filling from £150
Dental bonding (per tooth) from £175
Normal extraction (per tooth) from £150
Root canal treatment from £400 Additional canals (eg. premolars, molars), and re-root canals, have additional fee
Crown / Onlay from £400
Porcelain veneer £600
Bridge from £500 per unit
Denture from £500
Nightguard from £150
Braces (Orthodontics) from £1500
Invisalign - Aligner Treatment from £1000* *GET A TAILORED QUOTE AFTER HAVING A 3D SCAN
Implant including crown from £3000 per tooth *GET A TAILORED QUOTE AFTER HAVING A CT SCAN