Treatment Fee Current Special Offers for this month
New patient examination from £40
Routine examination from £40
Emergency Appointment from £40 We have same-day availability 5 days a week
Implant & Prosthodontic consultation free
Initial Orthodontic Consultation free
Hygiene Visit £65 £65 COMBO DEAL: Hygiene Clean & Checkup
Air Polish £85 The best Tooth, Gum and Pocket cleaning option
Periodontal treatment (per session) £65
Home whitening £265 £265 COMBO DEAL: Teeth Whitening, Hygiene Clean & Check-up
White Filling from £90
Dental bonding (per tooth) from £125
Normal extraction (per tooth) from £65
Root canal treatment from £250
Porcelain bonded crown / onlay from £500
Porcelain veneer £550
Bridge from £400
Denture from £450
Nightguard from £150
Cerezen (anti-grinding earpiece) £600
Braces (Orthodontics) from £2000
Implant including crown from £2000