New Patients at Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic

New Patients at Eyes & Smiles Friern Barnet N11

We are accepting new patients at Eyes & Smiles Barnet, whether it is for a routine checkup, to assess a dental problem, or for a second opinion.
We are able to offer flexible timings to suit all needs, including early mornings, late nights and weekends.
To register as a new patient please:

Emergency Appointment at Eyes & Smiles Friern Barnet N11

We have daily emergency appointments at Eyes & Smiles Southgate to see and treat existing and new patients presenting with all types of dental emergencies.
These emergencies include but are not limited to broken teeth and chipped fillings, tooth ache and pain, tooth sensitivity, sore gums, wisdom tooth pain, swellings, jaw pain, broken dentures, loose or lost crowns.
We also provide an out of hours service for existing and new patients.
To make an appointment please: