Painless Tooth Extractions and Oral Surgery in Barnet

Need a Painful or Broken tooth to be carefully taken out In Friern Barnet N11?

At Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic we can safely and painlessly carry out teeth extractions if needed in Friern Barnet, London, N11.

We can provide Extraction and Oral Surgery options for all patients in Barnet, East Barnet, Southgate, Arnos Grove, Bounds Green, Finchley and North London.

Sometimes Teeth reach their end-point and we can no longer save them.
The most common reasons for this may be:

  • Severely Broken teeth which cannot be filled or crowned since there is not enough surface to stick to.
  • Root Canal Treated teeth which have not worked or have broken
  • Hypersensitive Teeth which cannot be treated
  • Painful Wisdom teeth which are decayed or causing infection.
  • Loose Teeth which Are Getting Uncomfortable and cannot be treated with periodontal therapy or better oral hygiene at home
  • Dental Accidents & Trauma which has led to fractured teeth or roots.
  • Orthodontic pre-requisite in some cases (to create room to align the teeth)

Can I have an Extraction during Lockdown?

At Eyes & Smiles New Southgate we take your safety very seriously. Therefore during Lockdown we are continuing to follow the daily advice given by our dental health bodies and the government.
At the moment therefore we cannot extract teeth without the prior steps of advice and possibly analgesics. We have a lot of tips and tricks to help you get through this tricky period.
If that still does not help your dental pain there may be other solutions we can offer. If you have any pain please get in touch with us immediately.
Please Call , Whatsapp or Video call or email us immediately.

Have a Competent And Careful Surgeon Look After You At Eyes & Smiles Friern Barnet N11 For Painless Tooth Extraction

At Eyes & Smiles Friern Barnet N11 if you require a tooth extraction we will remove the tooth in a painless manner and provide you with all the correct after-care instructions to ensure optimal healing for your replacement tooth.

Dental Extractions Don't Have to Be Painful! We will take care of that for you at Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic Arnos Grove East Barnet

No need to fear a dental needles at Eyes & Smiles We will carefully numb up the gum first with gel and then the tooth incrementally. We will never rush you through your procedure

Sometimes teeth such as this can become impacted and trapped under the gum, leading to gum infection. Our Surgeons will carefully plan a safe and painless approach to have it removed for you.

We will make sure you are perfectly numbed and happy to go ahead before we make any start to a procedure at Eyes & Smiles Southgate. Perfect for all patients, especially nervous and anxious patients


What is an extraction?
An Extraction is when you have a tooth removed by your Dental Surgeon at Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic Finchley

Are extractions safe?
We follow safe protocols and techniques to ensure you are safe during and after an extraction procedure.

What about extractions during lockdown?
During the COVID-19 lockdown, we here at Eyes & Smiles understand how hard it can be to cope with toothache. If you have a painful tooth it may be necessary to remove it. For this we have a safe pathway that ensures you are either able to manage the situation at home or a solution can be made to remove the tooth. This may be in conjunction with one of the designated nationwide urgent care centres if necessary. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you think you need a tooth out. Please Call , Whatsapp or Video call or email us immediately.

How long does it take to recover from a dental extraction?
At Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic New Southgate we will give you an idea of recovery time based on the surgery you have had. Usually between 7 to 10 days after the extraction , it will all have healed well. However it only takes up to a few days for the pain itself to go.

What is a dry socket and how will I know if I get one?
It's important to try to keep the blood clot in place in the tooth socket after an extraction at Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic East Barnet. Dislodging it can cause what's called 'dry socket' (the bony part of the socket is exposed without clot or gum covering it), which can be painful, and usually becomes apparent in 2-3 days after an extraction.

How painful is tooth removal?
Eyes & Smiles N11 patients rarely feel any pain since we make sure you are comfortable and numbed up before beginning your extraction procedure. You may feel a push sensation on the tooth that is to be removed and this is perfectly normal and different to sharpness or prickly pain, both of which are nullified by the dental anaesthetic we provide.

How many teeth can be extracted at once?
There is no set rule on how many teeth can be extracted at once. Some of our patients may need multiple teeth to be taken out. In these cases you find it easier to only have one session, then we would aim to work around your schedule. Usually it is advisable to limit the number of extractions to 4, or to tackle 1 quarter of the teeth at a time if there are a lot.Eyes & Smiles Extraction Clinic Southgate will plan your appointments with you.

What happens after a tooth extraction?
After your Eyes & Smiles Dental Extraction you can return home where we will advise on rest, painkillers and other useful information to get you comfortably through the healing period. Since the extraction does not involve sedation or general anaesthetic you are able to carry on your day without too much bother. Some of our clients wish to go back to work on the same day. We will advise you what is your best option.

Will a dentist remove all my teeth if I ask?
The decision to take teeth out follows a joint discussion between the dentist and yourself. If it is deemed necessary to remove remaining teeth (for example if they are all lacking strength or bone, then with careful planning extraction may be the best option. However at Eyes & Smiles Arnos Grove Dental Clinic we prefer to save the teeth if we can. For info on this please see our page on crowns.

Can you get teeth pulled and dentures same day?
Immediate Dentures are a great option at Eyes & Smiles when you require teeth pulled out but also require something to replace the gaps once they have been extracted. It means you don't have to walk out with any missing teeth visible. Usually this process involves taking a mould of your teeth a week prior to having the teeth pulled out.

How soon after tooth extraction can I eat?
You can eat after a few hours from having an extraction. Leave enough time for the anaesthetic to wear off so that it becomes more comfortable to eat. You should avoid very hot food or drink the first day, and instead have warm or cold temperature food.

Do and don'ts after tooth extraction?

  • Rest for the day where possible
  • Maintain the blood clot
  • Drink adequate amount of water
  • Take painkillers such as parecetmol or ibuprofen if you can and if you need
  • Use warm salty rinsing AFTER 24hours following extraction


  • Smoke for 72 hours after extraction
  • Drink alcohol for 24 hours
  • Do any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for that day
  • Brush your teeth that day
  • Rinse out with anything until 24 hours after extraction
  • Use a strawer to drink or put your tongue in the area

When can I brush my teeth with toothpaste after an extraction?
Leave 24 hours before brushing again after an extraction at Eyes & Smiles East Barnet Dental Clinic.

Are tooth extractions dangerous?
At Eyes & Smiles New Southgate we ensure safety to our patients before, during and after an extraction.

Does bone grow back after tooth extraction?
Bone does not grow back after an extraction. It will sink to a lower level once a tooth is out - this is a normal biological process. Therefore if you want to consider an implant solution to the missing gap, it is vital to discuss this with us before the extraction as implants require maximum bone to be kept, so treatments need to be timed well.

Can a dentist refuse to remove a tooth?
Yes, your dentist at Eyes & Smiles North London will only agree to take a tooth out if it is in your best interest.

How long should you wait to drink water after getting a tooth pulled?
You can drink cold water as soon as you wish to after an extraction and it is encouraged to keep your body hydrated after any surgery. Hot drinks should be delayed for 24 hours because heat can thin the blood which may cause the socket to bleed.

How do you sleep after a tooth extraction?
It helps to sleep slightly elevated (with an extra pillow) for a couple of nights. Some studies show this can reduce swelling / fluid in the area faster than if you were to lie flat.

What is the best mouthwash to use after a tooth extraction?
All mouthwashes over the counter can be effective for general oral hygiene. For extractions however, warm salty rinsing for up to a week is our advice at Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic Finchley.

How long should you do salt water rinses after tooth extraction?
We recommend this for a week following the extraction, but you can carry this on longer as the salt water is antibacterial.

Is it better to have root canal or extraction?
Sometimes Root canal treatment is the best option if the tooth can be saved. If the tooth or the bone around it has been lost and cannot be maintained any longer with periodontal therapy then it is best for the tooth to be removed rather than attempting to save it.

Are antibiotics necessary after a tooth extraction?
Antibiotics are not a requirement after an extraction unless your GP or cardiologist (if you gave one) has advised us on this. At Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic New Southgate we follow NICE and FGDP guidelines which state antibiotics are only needed in very limited situations and the best action for dental infections is either extraction or root canal treatment. This will help reduce the spread of antibiotic resistance in the population.

How do you stop bleeding from tooth extraction?
Bleeding is controlled at Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic North London following extraction by some protective measures that we take. We prefer to keep things simple and will aim to avoid a surgical approach to an extraction where possible. We will also let you know if you would benefit from having a couple of stitches over the socket. Once the tooth is out our team will ensure you have stopped bleeding from the socket before you leave. This is via applying gentle pressure on the socket by biting on the sterile swabs provided.

What happens if it bleeds again at home?
Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic Southgate will provide you with all the advice to ensure any after-procedure bleeding does not persist. A written prompt sheet will be given to you on the day for reference. After normal hours we operate an emergency service so you are never left unable to get in touch via Whatsapp, Phone or Video call or email.

What is a surgical extraction vs normal extraction?
Surgical extractions are those which require a different approach to get the tooth or root of the tooth out. They are usually planned beforehand with you at Eyes & Smiles Friern Barnet Dental Clinic however they can also be a requirement following a normal extraction. Some teeth are so broken to start with that a special approach needs to be made to access them through the gum first - this is a surgical approach.

What about an implant extraction at Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic Finchley?
This is a minimally invasive technique for extraction applied to teeth that are going to be replaced by implants. Special tools allow us to preserve all of your tooth's bone which will play a key role in helping your implant to integrate later.

Can I go to work the next day after tooth extraction?
Many of our Eyes & Smiles Dental Patients do opt to go back to work the same or next day as pain, swelling and discomfort is minimal in most cases. You should speak to the dentist on the day of extraction and they will inform you what is best for you.

Is surrounding teeth supposed to hurt after extraction?
Teeth next to the one or ones that are extracted will initially feel sore in some cases as they have a connected gum which has been worked on. However the great news is, as healing of the socket progresses this soreness quickly goes. We encourage good oral hygiene and will go through with you the ways to de-sensitise surrounding teeth after an extraction at Eyes & Smiles Friern Barnet Dental Clinic.

Can you die from tooth extraction?
At Eyes & Smiles Barnet, no one has ever suffered or died under our care. It is extremely rare to die from extraction procedures. Your Eyes & Smiles dentist Bounds Green will thoroughly check your medical history with you at the 1st visit. If they feel you require dental care in a hospital setting for your own health reasons we can make an appropriate referral. We always encourage patients to maintain excellent home cleaning with our help and maintain regular visits with their dentist to ensure dental infections are treated efficiently and not allowed to progress to a level that puts you in danger.