Why Choose Us

Flexible appointments

We offer appointments at times to suit you. We realise traditional 9 to 5 appointments aren't convenient for everyone, therefore we offer early mornings, late nights and weekend appointments, as well as out of hours availability for emergencies.

Gentle and pain free

We will do our utmost to ensure you have a pleasant and, most importantly, a pain-free experience when you come to Eyes & Smiles. This is especially important for nervous or anxious patients, or those who have had a bad experiences in the past. We can use alternatives to the traditional numbing methods, such as numbing gel and contact-less, drill-free dentistry (AquaCare) to remove vibration, heat and smell.

State of the art technology

We use the latest digital imaging techniques to record and capture information, making it easier to show and inform you of the condition of your mouth. We also make use of images, videos and animations to help explain different treatment options to you,

Precision Dentistry

We use high magnification eye wear which provide better vision, better ergonomics, reduced eye strain/fatigue, improved performance and patient care.