What Makes Us Unique And How We Will Care For You And Your Family

Flexible appointments

We offer appointments at times to suit you. We realise traditional 9 to 5 appointments aren't convenient for everyone, therefore we offer early mornings, late evenings and weekend appointments, as well as out of hours availability for dental emergencies. Since the outbreak of COVID, we have also adopted many remote consulting technologies into our clinic, meaning that if you are unable or afraid of taking the leap to come visit us when we reopen, we will be able to reach you effectively and still check your dental health and give you the best information on any cosmetic treatments.

Gentle, Effective & Pain Free Dentistry

We will ensure you have a pleasant and, most importantly, a pain-free experience when you come to Eyes & Smiles. This is especially important for nervous or anxious patients, or those who have had a bad experiences in the past. We can use alternatives to the traditional numbing methods, such as numbing gel and contact-less, drill-free dentistry (AquaCare) to remove vibration, heat and smell. We also use newer anaesthetics, which start working faster, and don't take hours to wear off.

State of the art technology

We use the latest digital imaging techniques to record and capture information, making it easier to show and inform you of the condition of your mouth. We also make use of images, videos and animations to help explain different treatment options to you,

Precision Dentistry

We use high magnification eye wear which provide better vision, better ergonomics, reduced eye strain/fatigue, improved performance and patient care.

Room Disinfection

We always allow enough time to thoroughly disinfect the whole surgery and dental chair according to universal and British guidelines to avoid cross-contamination. This includes as standard washing hands between patients, wiping down the dental chair, handles, floor, and all surfaces.

Informed Consent

It is of the utmost importance to us that our patients are happy with and fully understand the treatment they are undertaking. We use a combination of video, models, animations, and verbal and written instructions to carefully explain each treatment and obtain your consent for treatment This ensures you understand the risks and benefits of each treatment, the costs, the alternative treatment options, and the risk of not having any recommended treatment.

Rubber Dams

We always use rubber dam during root canal treatment and other treatments where the teeth need to be kept dry. This avoids cross contamination, allows a cleaner working environment, and has been shown to improve patient comfort.