Emergency Dental Appointments at Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic N11

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We provide dental emergency services at At Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic in Friern Barnet, North London, Finchley, New Southgate, Barnet, N11.

We provide same day Dental Emergency Services in Barnet for all types of dental problems on weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

Common problems include:

  • Broken teeth & chipped fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth ache
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Wisdom tooth pain
  • Infections
  • Loose or lost teeth
  • Swollen face and gums
  • Lost or loose crown
  • Bleeding gums
  • Broken dentures
  • Dental Accidents & Trauma

Here at Eyes & Smiles North London, we are experienced in dealing with Dental Emergencies. We can cater for you whether you are from Finchley, Southgate, New Southgate N11, Barnet, or anywhere in London.

We understand that in emergency situations you may be anxious and concerned. The treating Dentist at Eyes & Smiles Southgate will be highly skilled in providing Emergency Dental Care sympathetically and professionally. Follow up treatment can be provided if requested.

In Emergency Dental situations in Finchley, our aim will be to put the patient at ease and relieve them from pain by providing treatment as necessary.

Prior to any treatment being done, all procedures, costs and appointment planning will be discussed with you.

Our dentists at Eyes & Smiles N11 are all UK qualified and highly experienced and attend ongoing courses in order to keep their knowledge and skills at the forefront of dentistry, ensuring that you get the best available treatment.

Please contact us on 020 8368 0924 or dental@eyesandsmiles.co.uk to be seen immediately, or

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Dental Abscess Expained


What type of emergency treatments do you do?
At Eyes & Smiles Friern Barnet, we can carry out all necessary treatment to get you out of pain. If you require a referral to secondary care, we can make that for you after assessment.

Will antibiotics help me?
It depends on the cause of the pain you are having. Usually, it is only advisable to take antiobiotics for a spreading infection. In the long term, the best treatment would be to address the cause of the infection - this could be either extraction of a tooth or a root canal treatment, which allows you to keep it. At Eyes & Smiles New Southgate limiting antibiotic use is a crucial objective in our population to slow the rate of resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. At Eyes & Smiles North London N11 your dentist will diagnose the infection via clinical testing and the digital xray facilities available to establish what the best treatment will be for you.

What if I am pregnant?
Your Eyes & Smiles Finchley Dentist will take into account your pregnancy status before commencing or diagnosing any cause of pain. Pregnancy in itself can heighten gum problems for example. Some treatments and medications are not advisable during pregnancy. Please speak to Eyes & Smiles Barnet to find out about the risks and benefits of treatment during pregnancy. Usually it is still very safe to have a small dental xray during pregnancy, and it is an important part of diagnosis.

What is Root canal treatment and does it hurt?
Your Eyes & Smiles Dentist in Southgate will explain the procedure of a root canal treatment to you with a range of pictures, videos and xrays so that you are comfortable with the procedure. Your dentist will carefully numb your tooth up before commencing so you should not feel any pain. For more information on Root canal treatment please visit our dedicated page.

Can you take out wisdom teeth?
If the wisdom tooth is causing pain or recurrent infection of the gum, or cannot be saved with a filling, it may be best to have it extracted. Your Eyes and Smiles Dentists N11 will assess your wisdom tooth carefully. We want the safest and most successful outcome for you. In most cases we can provide wisdom tooth extraction at the Eyes & Smiles Clinic Southgate however in small percentage of cases you may require a referral for a hospital-based oral surgeon to have a look. This is more important if a lower wisdom tooth is touching your jaw nerve.

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