Visiting A Dental Clinic During Lockdown Period For Treatment Of Dental Problem - Is It Safe For Us?

Visiting A Dental Clinic During Lockdown Period For Treatment Of Dental Problem - Is It  Safe For Us?

We are all familiar with the coronavirus and lockdown in UK and other parts of the world due to this disease. People are requested by the Prime Minister to stay at home and not to go outside if it is not essential or for health reasons. This will most likely continue until June at least.

But what to do once lockdown is ended or phased down and your dentist re-opens?
Are we allowed to go outside as normal?
Would it be safe to go to hospitals for treatment?
Should we follow some precautions while going out?
And is it safe to visit the dental clinics after lockdown opens?

The answer to all your queries will reveal themselves as time goes on and the government provides more information on a need-to-know basis. At the current time simply follow the precautions directed by the doctors and government to stay safe and reduce the risk of infection and protect our NHS, which can only work within a certain capacity. Be sure to keep checking for any changes on what to do after lockdown or if you plan to visit the Weekend Dentist in Barnet or Friern Barnet Dentist. We will strive to keep you up to date from our end.

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Precaution to take while visiting a dental hospital
Like all Dental surgeries at present, Dental Implants in Barnet must do it's bit to reduce the high-risk of spreading the virus, especially since we are in close proximity to airways, nose, mouth, saliva and teeth, which can all be transmission routes for this infection. In a dental practice or GP surgery a virus can spread easily from one person to another due to the close proximity of patients for example in the reception area waiting room. It is a risk factor for both the dentist and the patient. According to the dentist in Bounds Green, the nature of dental treatment puts both the doctor and patient into close proximity.

After lockdown, if it is an emergency to visit the dentist, until we are advised otherwise, it is useful to keep following some of the current precautions to avoid the risk of infection.


Wash your hands frequently with soap or clean from alcohol-based sanitizer before washing from water. This will kill any virus on your hands.
· Maintain social distancing and close contact with other patients at the dental hospital.
· Cover your mouth, hair and face while visiting the hospital. Remove all the things when asked by the healthcare professional to remove them.
· When you are at the dental hospital, then avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes. If necessary, sanitize your hands and then touch your facial parts and again after.
· Take a bath and wash your clothes as soon as you reach the home.
· Try to maintain good respiratory hygiene around you by covering your mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing with a tissue which you then dispose.
· If you have any symptoms related to respiratory problems, then inform your dentist as well as informing NHS 111 to receive the best advice and to reduce risk to others.


Guidelines to follow
You must maintain all the precautions and guidance given by the government to avoid unnecessary risks of contracting the Corona Virus. Stay home, stay safe. Go out when it is necessary to, and avoid unnecessary meetings.

Pandemic COVID-19 is a disease that is spreading in the country rapidly and many people are suffering from the coronavirus. However, people are also recovering from the disease by the excellent care of our doctors, NHS workforce and key workers which make it possible for them. With all disease prevention is still better than cure, so ensure you keep in contact with an emergency dentist in Finchley to let us know if you have any queries you would like advice on or any dental problems which we can advise you on best.

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