Smile Makeovers

Eyes & Smiles Dental Clinic in Friern Barnet, N11 can provide you with a Smile Makeover, to help you obtain the smile of your dreams!
We can provide customised smile makeovers for patients in Barnet, Southgate, Finchley and North London.

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What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a general term designed to improve the appearance, colour and shapes of the teeth that show when you smile, which is normally the upper 6 or 8 front teeth, and possibly the lowers as well.
To correct your smile at Eyes & Smiles Barnet involves a combination of teeth whitening, replacement of existing fillings to more aesthetic ones, composite bonding, porcelain veneers or crowns.



Smile Makeovers
Smile Makeovers
Smile Makeovers

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a smile makeover cost?
At Eyes & Smiles Friern Barnet N11 we always inform patients of costs. It can be an important factor in our patients deciding to proceed with bespoke treatments like smile makeovers. The price of a smile makeover or full dental makeover varies upon how many teeth you decide to treat, and what treatment options you choose.
Speak to your Eyes & Smiles New Southgate London dentist who can demonstrate through taking photos what your end result will look like, to help you choose which teeth you would like to improve the appearance of.

Will a smile makeover make me look like I have a Hollywood smile?
No is the simple answer. The degree to which you decide to transform your teeth will determine what the end result will look like. It is very easy to make subtle changes to shape and colour and allow your teeth to still look very natural whilst improved. Eyes & Smiles Southgate can help you find the right colour.
A Hollywood smile is normally an extreme smile makeover where the colours have been changed drastically to an almost artificial colour, although some people actually desire this, so there are no right or wrongs! This is why it often looks like celebrities have perfect teeth!

Can I get a grant to fix my teeth?
Unfortunately as Smile Makeovers are normally cosmetic changes, it is unlikely a grant will be provided for these treatments.

What makes a smile attractive?
A number of factors go into an attractive, pretty smile. To obtain a perfect smile, your Eyes & Smiles Finchley North London N11 dentist has been trained to judge the ideal colour, shapes, positions of your teeth as well the linguistics and functional make-up of your bite. Together with the important deciding factors of what you like, and what feels right to you, we can help you achieve the smile you desire.

What about simply whitening and aligning my teeth as I don't want anything too invasive?
Perfect! You are a believer of the Eyes & Smiles N11 philosophy - keep things simple and consider progressive treatment. The best place to start from a minimally invasive viewpoint would be to Align the teeth, Bleach them with safe tooth whitening, and Bond with composite white filling if required. This predictable and safe A.B.B approach may be enough to meet your wishes.